Thursday, January 19, 2006

I feel pink!!

Dear readers,

I have changed again my page.. as Dr. Sleepless consoled me this is normal for "bloginson syndrome". Well.... enjoy my new page... fell pink huh? I will be busy (hehehehe) so maybe you'll see me like choc fudge!

Ok then.... :-)


Sleepless in Gelugoq said...

Ah... this is beautiful. Dont change it. Make me think of a beautiful silk kimono (not batik). Penangan tengok memoirs of a geisha la nih.. ;)

Naylah said...

best tak citer tu? mcm best jer... beautiful eh? hehehe.. cari la kat bloggers template tu, siap menggodek camna nak buat at the same time nak retain all the features (song & butterfly).. :-)